GNX Bulktainer - Next Generation IBC

3 Ribbed Top Profile
Higher Dynamic Stack Performance

Specially profiled 3-ribbed structure for higher weld contacts.
All 20 verticals connected to top ring by Anti Vibration Braces (AVB), in addition to welding. Exceptional dynamic stack performance.

Large Weld Area
Less Bulging

Vertical open flange open folded for bigger weld area, better flexibility,
EHS compliance.
Long side Verticals scientifically aligned, move forwards centre. Lesser bulging.

Higher Clinch Performance
Neat & Rust Free Drip Pan

Clinching position rearranged scientifically on sides. Higher resistance to clinch opening on drop.
Plastic Drip Plan. Prevents corrosion / rust formation.

Aligned for Top Performance
New Plastic Pallet

Top cross bars and respective verticals aligned for a box structure. Upgrades IBC for top lift capability with reinforced cage. (Available on special request)
New plastic pallet without in-built steel bridge. Steel reinforcement attached separately. Better performance & eco-friendly recycling possible.

Easy Pallet Truck Access
Ground Conductivity

Composite pallet with 4 way entry & 2 easy way entry for hand pallet truck.
Specially bolted for ground earth contact.
EHS compliance.

Robust Corners
Press Fit Sleeve

Higher and more stable dynamic stack performance.
Press fit new clinch sleeve.
EHS compliance & branding opportunity.

Safety Guard
Bigger Dog-house Area

Protectors for cage end near drip area,
EHS compliance.
Easy valve replacement on used IBC's. Reconditioner friendly.
EHS compliance.