GNX Bulktainer - IBC from Time Technoplast

With the popularity of Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) spreading far and wide, IBC systems are being increasingly used in newer market, such as Middle East Asia, far East and Africa apart from established markets of Europe and America. Time Technoplast is pleased to offer specially designed Intermediate Bulk Container named as GNX Bulktainer - a futuristic packaging solutions.

GNX Intermediate Bulk Container are designed with exclusive features for efficient performance even in rugged terrains and rough handling.


Time Technoplast Limited (Time Tech) is a leading polymer product Multinational Company with operations in Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Singapore, UAE, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The company caters to business segments which include Intermediate Bulk Container manufacturing and supply, industrial packaging, lifestyle, automotive, composite cylinders, material handling, healthcare and infrastructure.

Time Tech is a large manufacturer of IBC and also has experience in varied rigid industrial packaging products including, big size drums tight head drums, open top drums, wide mouth drums, composite cylinders, jerricans, plastic pails and even metal and composite drums. Time Tech is also known as the leading supplier of IBC systems for 1000ltr, 820 ltr and returnable packaging.

Time Tech group operates more than 40 production facilities in 8 countries and is recognized for its innovative plastic products. Time Technoplast has GNX IBC manufacturing units in 9 countries.