GNX Bulktainer 1000 / Safe & Secure

GNX Bulktainer, 1000 liter and 820 liter IBCs are built tough and tested to meet stringent testing norms. Over the years we have acquired the requisite knowledge and experience to ensure optimum security and safe handling of IBC 's. The 1000 liter IBC's are most commonly used worldwide and carry most hazardous and precious chemicals across long stretches of land and water and hence it is imperative to follow basic precautions of blocking and bracing. Today most of the multinational companies use 1000 lt IBC regularly.

The "Orange Book" or the "IMDG code" & ADR regulations lay down strict guidelines for blocking & bracing packages. 'The IBC's packaging shall be secured by suitable means, capable of restraining the goods (such as fastening strap, sliding slatboards, adjustable brackets, inflated dunnages, wooden planks) in the vehicle or container in a manner that will prevent any movement during the transportation or change of orientation of the packages or cause them to be damaged. When transported with other goods, all goods shall be securely tightened, voids filled by use of dunnage or by blocking and bracing. Overtightening, causing damage or deformation of the packaging to be avoided'.