GNX Bulktainer / Collect Service Form

If you wish to have the used IBCs on completion of the usage disposed off through a Collect Service, please complete this form

You should receive the service confirmation. It is subjected to the following conditions.

  • The client may give material safety data sheet along with the IBCs or Collection Form.
  • IBCs to be intact with all the original accessories like Top Lid, Discharge Valve, Cap/Closures in operating condition.
  • IBCs should be free of damage or substantial corrosion / deformation to the inner container cage and / or pallet.
  • IBCs should be drip-dry free of any residue / wastage / remains of the filling good.
  • IBCs containing toxic residues, must be neutralized / washed out prior to collection.
  • Last filled-in good Details must be specified on the container with corresponding label stickers, hazardous goods symbols etc.
  • Collections shall be made for a minimum of 8 to 12 IBCs, provided they comply with the above requirements & conditions.
  • Due to the non-fulfillment of the above conditions, the Collect Services has the right to refuse collection or return the IBCs at the expenses of the party. Reimbursement has to be done for the expenditure incurred including the transportation charges. Such IBCs will have to be disposed off by user independently.

Collection Request

Company Name & Address *
Bulktainer Pickup Address
No. of IBCs
Pallet Type
Filling Good
Name of Last filled-in good
Any of the above mentioned filling goods a hazardous material or dangerous good?
Contact Person
Telephone No. *
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I confirm that IBC's are as per above mentioned conditions and ready for the collection.